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Act Today To Stop Suicide Long Before A Crisis Occurs - Spanish.   (Postcard)
Safer Homes Coalition, 2018
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El Acetaminofen (Acetaminophen).   (Brochure)
Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition,
El Acetaminofen Poster (Acetaminofen)   (Poster)
Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition,
Examen Prenatal para el VIH. (Prenatal Testing for HIV.)   (Brochure)
Washington State Department of Health, 2003
Have a Healthy Baby: Be an Alcohol-Free Mother-to-Be.   (Poster)
FASD Center for Excellence, 2004
Heads Up: Drugs and the Body: It Isn't Pretty.   (Poster)
NIDA, 2011
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La Recuperacion Se Traduce En Familias Saludables (Recovery Means Healthy Families).   (Poster)
Washington State Department of Social & Health Services, 2014
Marijuana: Know the Facts.   (Brochure)
Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, 2013 / 2016
Medicamentos para el Trastorno por Uso de Opioides   (Brochure)
Center for Opioid Safety Education / COSE / ADAI, 2019
Muchos Jóvenes Estan Diciendo "No." (Many Teens Are Saying "No.")   (Brochure)
Washington State Department of Health, 1992

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